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Tram in Austria

Last Update: 10/8/2023 7:48 AM
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7/31/2023 9:23 PM
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Summer in Vienna
Half of the summer holidays are over in Vienna and so are some interruptions in the tram and metro network. Let me start with the interruption of line U4 between Schwedenplatz and Schottenring, leading to the extension of line U2Z to Schwedenplatz.
Since Monday July 31, 2023 this is over and there is another change: U2Z will run only during night hours and the rest of the day line 71 will take over its duties and was extended from Börse to Schottenring.

for pics see: public-transport.net/tram/Wien2023/Sommer23/

and here a pic from today of a line 71 trainset at Schottenring terminus.

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